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Welcome To Cherry Lip Kiss - The Reinvention

This is my first real post on this site for a long time. A while ago, around May 2017 actually, I put a message out on this site to say that it was going to be dormant because I was concentrating on Rock Paper Spirit, my lifestyle blog. Back then, Rock Paper Spirit was going to be an ethical Scottish beauty blog and all about indie products and Scottish products. It's evolved since then, in a way that would probably have horrified my 2017 self and it's just a regular lifestyle blog now. That's why I have started branching out and buying new domains and starting other blogs. I don't want to put all my eggs in one basket and blogs are, at the moment, more enjoyable than books for me, although I still write about my own books and offer writing tips on my author site.

Cherry Lip Kiss used to be called Making It Up As I Go Along, and before that it was Knicker Blogger Glory. It launched around six years ago and used to be a beauty and lingerie blog. It also had a .eu domai…

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