Givenchy Very Irresistible

We've all seen the ad campaign with Liv Tyler looking fabulous but how many of you have actually bought into the hype and tried Givenchy's Very Irresistible?  Let's start with the facts.  

Heart Notes: Centifolia rose, peony rose
Top Notes: Star anise, verbena leaf
Base Notes: Passion rose, fantasia rose, emotion rose

The bottle is a slightly twisty prism shape and pink in colour.  

This is one of my favourite perfumes.  I first smelled it in December 2005 at a Christmas party when it was worn by a colleague.  She was a sophisticated kind of girl and it suited her but she was tall, willowy, elegant and looked like a supermodel.  Don't be too jealous, girls.  She had killer halitosis.  I wondered if I could suit the same classy kind of scent, as we all know what smells fabulous on one woman is completely out of place on another.

I bought it in July 2006 at Malaga Airport after a short break in the Costa del Sol.  Feeling full of joie de vivre after a week in a bikini and golden brown from copious amounts of sunbathing, but sadly still 4ft 10 and flat chested, I convinced myself that I could carry it off.  I wore it for the whole of that summer and completely fell in love with it.  It's one of those scents that makes you feel different from the second you put it on.  To this day I still wear it often.  It's elegant and seductive and I've even seen other reviewers describe it as "a love spell in a bottle." 

The smell can be quite strong and lasts for many hours.  It's not necessary to re-apply throughout the day so one bottle can last for quite a while.  I will warn you though, it's not for the shrinking violets among you.  Some people can find it a bit heavy for their tastes.  In my younger days I wouldn't have had the confidence to wear this fragrance the way I do now.
My own bottle of Givenchy's Very Irresistible


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