My Favourite Brands

Every girl has her favourite brands - the ones you try, love and are faithful to until they're discontinued.  Here are mine.

GHD - Nobody does straightening products like GHD.  The price of their products may be high but I don't know one single girl who isn't willing to pay to get a decent style.

Yves Rocher - I have been a fan since my early teens.  I love so many of their products.  Their fragrances are reasonably priced and smell delicious, their shower gels are second to none and I just love their accessories.  Whenever I need an eyelash curler or a pencil sharpener I always head to their website.  But the best product they sell is Monoi.  I just couldn't live without it.

Clarins - Another pricey brand but without their skincare products I would have a confidence crisis.  I was a massive fan of Virgin Vie back in the 00s and when their range changed my skin really suffered.  It took me a while to find a brand that worked for my skin and that brand was Clarins.  I am mostly devoted to them now, although I occasionally cheat with Clinique but only because I'm allergic to an ingredient in the Clarins nightcream.

Urban Decay - Come on.  Who else can name their lip colours Asphyxia and Gash and get away with it?  This is a brand with attitude, and they, along with Maybelline, are one of the few non-European make-up brands I buy.  They are (as my sister's friend Colin would say) THE BERRIES.

Solait - The only sun protection brand I use.  I suffer from dermatitis on the palms of my hands, although it has been under control for a number of years, but the one thing that frequently irritates my condition is suncream.  Solait is the only brand I have used that doesn't irritate the skin on my hands.

What are your favourite brands?