Review: L'oreal Ever Riche Shampoo

Here's another sample I obtained from a magazine, namely Cosmopolitan in the UK.  The sample is quite generous and lasted five washes, so it was a great find.

Around the end of summer I started getting a lot of bad hair days. My hair just wasn't sitting properly, the sides which had been over-straightened during the humid summer months were drying out and I was plagued with split ends.  Something had to be done and my usual shampoo, the moisturising Herbal Essences, although still good, wasn't fixing the problems.

Loreal Ever Riche is a sulphate free formula for extremely dry hair.  It contains apricot kernel oil which I believe is also in the cuticle oil in my manicure set.

My first question was, why are sulphates bad for your hair?  I Googled it and found some frightening research on how sulphates in shampoos can cause cancer.  Sulphates are also present in household cleaning products and they are responsible for the lathering effect in most shampoos.  So, having read this and knowing this was a sulphate free formula, I expected no lather at all.

The first time I used it I used too much.  I applied an spot the size of a 10p piece, which is roughly how much I usually use and it was far too much for my fine hair.  I had a crazy amount of lather and had to spend ages rinsing my scalp.  Lesson learned.  This product is highly concentrated and you don't need much at all.  It will lather.

The texture of the shampoo is gorgeous.  The liquid shines and glistens and it looks like a product that would soothe your hair.  It smells nutty although I checked the ingredients and there are no nut oils in it at all.  Nevertheless, the aroma is not too strong and not too subtle.  I liked it.

This is definitely something I would consider buying in the future as an occasional treat for my hair to use along with my usual deep conditioning treatment.  For everyday use, I fear it might end up being too rich and coating my hair.

The range covers dry fine hair, dry rebellious hair and there's also a deep conditioning treatment and an elixir spray.  I'm definitely going to try them.


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