Review: Nip + Fab Bust Fix

I'm always on the lookout for freebies.  When you're just starting out and don't have anyone sending you free samples you have to source them yourself or spend a fortune on the products you review.  This product, Nip + Fab Bust Fix, came as a free sample with a recent edition of Cosmopolitan in the UK.  

As a woman who has breastfed (for four days, but those four days took their toll, believe me) I am concerned about the shape and texture of my breasts.  I'm also getting older which means my boobs will soon be hurtling southwards and there's not a damn thing I can do about it without resorting to expensive and invasive surgery.  That's why I was so interested in trying this product.  It promises to be perfect for skin which has lost its elasticity and improve tone and firmness.  

The first thing I noticed on opening the tube was the strong smell.  I can't put my finger on exactly what it smelled like but it was not like a beauty product.  It was very synthetic.  However, I wasn't put off, especially as that smell faded each time I opened the tube.

On the Nip + Fab website it is noted that the product contains mangosteen.  Being an average woman and not a botanist, I don't know what that is.  A trip to Google told me it's a tropical evergreen tree.  Being a beauty blogger is certainly educational, if nothing else.

I've now been using the product for around a month.  After a week, a neighbour approached me in the street, gave my body an assessing glance and then asked if I was pregnant again.  Since I have a 23 inch waist and she looked at my boobs before asking me, I'm assuming she thought I had pregnancy boobs.  RESULT! 

I can't say I notice a massive difference in skin tone or texture.  Yes, my breasts feel a bit less sad but they're not exactly happy either, if you know what I mean.  Nevertheless, I do believe this product is making a difference so I'm going to persevere for another couple of months and then measure myself to see if there's a change in size.  I will, of course, post the results on my blog.


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