The Friday App Review - Beautylish

Another of my regular features will be a beauty app review every Friday.  There are literally thousands of apps on the market connected with beauty and as far as I know not a lot of beauty blogs are talking about them.  That's where Lacey Dearie comes in!  I am always on the lookout for new and modern twists and I don't understand why the majority of bright young beauty bloggers are sticking to talking solely about lipsticks and nail polish when there is a lot more to beauty than that!

I downloaded Beautylish for free from iTunes.  It's also available for Android.  The Beautylish website looks like a typical beauty blog to me - all white backgrounds and fresh uncluttered layouts.  Very nice.  But how does the app compare?

Firstly it asks you to create an account, completing personal details such as your complexion colour and type, hair colour, eye colour etc.  It makes you feel like you're getting a personal experience.  However, a month down the line I don't think this information has actually been used while I've been trying out the app.  It makes me wonder why it is necessary in the first place.  I'm hoping it will be used to make recommendations to me at some point?  Who knows.

The app lets you shop, post photos, videos and reviews and chat with other users about what products you love and recommend.  There's also a very informative editorial section that I am currently addicted to and visit every day.

Would I recommend this app?  Definitely!  It's got everything a beauty addict could possibly look for in an app, apart from a games/makeover section (my inner child loves those cartoon makeover apps).  Being free means it's already one of the most popular beauty apps on the market.  


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