The Sunday Knicker Review: Ann Summers Extreme Boost Multiway Bra

It's time to talk lingerie.  Every Sunday I plan to bring you a review of an item or items of lingerie I've tried in the previous week and tell you exactly what I think of said item.  This week I want to talk about the Ann Summers Extreme Boost Multiway Bra.  I must stress that all opinions are my own, are not influenced in any way by freebies and have been based on my own experiences and purchases.  I will at no time model the lingerie, you'll be glad to hear, but if there is a bra that merits a before and after picture, I may consider showing the effect when I have more confidence.

This item may actually be my new favourite thing ever.  It's basically what it says in the advertising campaign - an instant boob job.  It boosts the appearance of your cleavage by up to two cup sizes and has detachable straps so you can wear it as a halterneck or crossback style.  

It comes in orchid/black and the colour is gorgeous.  It's not one of those pieces that's just worn to be seen.  It is actually comfortable too despite squashing your breasts.  

The only drawback?  I tried my usual size but there was a tiny little bit of boob overspill at the sides, meaning that I probably have to try a bigger size, which may not be a good fit in other places.

It's reasonably priced at £26 but the matching Brazilian style panties are £12, which in my opinion is ludicrous for a pair of knickers, especially ones that weren't particularly comfortable.  There's also a slightly more comfortable thong at £10 a pair.  I'd recommend those rather than the Brazilian style for comfort.

To complete the set there's a cami priced at £45.  That wasn't for me - that really is worn to be seen and on my budget I can't afford to buy something that'll end of up on the floor after a few minutes.

To check out the set, click here


  1. That bra looks lovely and the colours are gorgeous - I have to say I'm quite impressed with Ann Summers lingerie and bought loads at Christmas, they seem to be the only bras that fit me at the mo.


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