The Sunday Knicker Review - Knickerbox Josie Navy Bra

Sundays on Making It Up As I Go Along mean lingerie reviews and today I'm reviewing a bra from one of my favourite brands, Knickerbox.  When I was trying this bra for the purpose of my blog I had a warm fuzzy moment when I thought, this is what I do?  How lucky am I?  If only I was getting paid proper money.

So here is a picture of the Josie bra.  As a fan of anything with with polkadots I was instantly attracted to this item and everything made of chiffon is a hit in my book.  It's cute and pretty without being overly girly.  I was determined I was going to love this bra before I even tried it on.  How could I not?  It's so gorgeous!

Of course, you know what's going to happen, don't you?  It didn't make me feel as good as it looked.  It's much better on the hanger than on me, as is so often the case with underwear - that's why I'm blogging about it; so we can sort the pretty from the pretty amazing.

In the sales pitch, this bra is promised to be for everyday wear, which is simply not the case for me as it was so uncomfortable.  I tried my usual size and found it too tight, even on the loosest clasp.  The over-friendly underwire was grabbing my boobs rather than supporting them and although it did give me nice enough cleavage, I had been wearing the Ann Summers bra from my very first review on 1st September until I tried this, so in comparison my boobs were a bit sad in this one.  I definitely still think it looks gorgeous but it is one of those bras that should be worn to be seen.

The bra costs £18 and the matching thong costs £8.  There's also a similar babydoll in the range called Lola which costs £20 and is absolutely stunning.  If you want to check them out online, click here


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