The Sunday Knicker Review: La Senza Removable Push Up Bra

For the next two Sundays I'll be reviewing products from one of my favourite lingerie brands, La Senza.  This was originally a Canadian brand launched in 1990 who were bought over by an American company in 2006 but they have franchises in the UK.  You may remember that they went into administration in 2011 and were bought over by a Kuwaiti company who breathed fresh air into the brand.  What was once a pretty chain full of pretty knickers is now vampy and edgy - and I love it.

This week I tried the Removable Push Up Bra in nude.  I'm not a fan of nude lingerie as I find it a bit drab.  I'm always disappointed when I open my underwear drawer and the only thing I have clean is a sickly shade of nude.  This, however, I love because it's been glammed up with gold and silver rhinestones.  You can't really see it in the picture on the right from the La Senza website or on any photos I took with good colour quality and the right lighting but in the changing room, under the vile yellow lighting, the picture shows up the rhinestones quite well and you can see how glamorous this bra is.

They call it the Removable Push Up Bra because you can remove the padding, which as we all know, is where the magic comes from.  Without the padding, it's just a sparkly beige bra and not something I would purchase in a million years but with the pads the effect is spectacular.  It gives just the right amount of uplift and sass without being trashy and making your boobs look like two bald convicts trying to escape from jail.

I loved the shaping of this bra too.  It gives the right amount of coverage without being frumpy and it's skimpy enough to be worn under a low cut top.  It comes with a j-hook so it can also be worn as a racerback style.

The best thing about this bra?  It's comfortable.  From the moment I fasted the clasp I loved it and didn't want to take it off.  

The bra is £25 and only comes in one colour but they have a whole range of push up bras that you can check out by clicking here You can check out this particular bra by clicking here

There's also a thong and a Brazilian to match, both priced at £10.  I tried the Brazilian and it was both comfortable and attractive.

This review has been written by Lacey Dearie about a product purchased with her own money.  La Senza did not at any point endorse this review.  


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