The Three Products I Couldn't Live Without

We all have those "must haves" in our bathroom - the items that make us stock up and have us breaking into a cold sweat if we run out.  It's a very personal thing.  No two people will have the same must haves.  Here are mine.  

Monoi - I cannot rave about this product enough.  It's a Polynesian beauty secret that most of the western world haven't switched on to yet but I've been an addict since discovering it back in the late 90s.  It's essentially a mix of coconut oil and Tahitian gardenias (Tiare flowers).  The smell is absolutely divine and if I don't use it my skin becomes dry and flaky.  It can be used to hydrate the skin, as a conditioning treatment for hair, as a massage oil or as a bath oil.  I use it for all these purposes and if I couldn't buy it any more I think I would actually cry.

Red Lipstick - Nothing brightens the complexion and mood like a really vivid red lipstick.  I've always worn red.  Any other colour just won't do.  In my teenage years I tried browns, pinks and shades that were almost verging on purple but none of them flattered my skin tone in the same way that a decent shade of red does.  I almost always opt for rusty or brown-tinged shades of red rather than the blue-ish tones.  As for brand, I switch between them.  My latest favourite is an Avon shade called Really Rosy but I also like The Body Shop's red lipgloss in 11 Raspberry.

Brown Eyeliner - Less harsh than black but just as flattering, brown has always and will always be my eyeliner colour of choice.  It's often the only eye make-up I wear as my lashes as long and thick enough naturally to do without mascara and I never really fell in love with eyeshadow the way some girls have.  It opens up my eyes and helps them to stand out and as I choose crayon eyeliners rather than the liquid variety, it never looks too heavy.

What are your must have products?


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