Vintage Fashion - A Guest Post By Sweetgoth

Today, I'd like to welcome my second guest blogger to Making It Up As I Go Along, the lovely Sweetgoth.  I met this young lady on Twitter and discovered we share a love of vintage fashion so naturally I invited her along to my blog to talk about it!  Take it away, Sweetgoth!

When I think of vintage fashion I think of corsets, fishnets and lost of lace. Enough of the goth appreciation.  But hey, Gothic attire is vintage inspired.  

When I was in my teens I was fascinated by a pink cameo brooch that my grandmother had. I found any excuse just to go look at it.  Eventually she gave it to me and I then discovered a love of wild west movies and the saloons that housed some of the world's most desired women in their burlesque styled dresses and how the corsets they wore hugged their figures and gave them the best looking cleavage I'd ever seen.  

A few years on the influence of metal and the followers of it led me to notice goth girls and their uncanny fashion that reminded me of what I mentioned before.  So it was a natural path for me to be influenced by the goth lifestyle.  

If I could make anything fashionable everywhere it would be the cameo. There isn't enough of this design in modern culture. They say everything comes back into fashion so maybe I'll get my wish. Fingers crossed for that. 

Hope this post is as enjoyed as much as I enjoyed sharing it.  Thanks for reading.

If you'd like to follow Sweetgoth on Twitter, you can find her as @sweetgoth1


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