Fragrance Review: Katy Perry's Killer Queen

It's about time I started writing reviews again.  There are dozens of products on the market that I'm excited about and I want to review them.  I'm also going to make the blog more flexible and less structured.  Whereas before, fragrances would only be reviewed on a Saturday, now I'm going to do what I can, when I can.

I like Katy Perry as much as the next person but I'm not enough of a fan to go out and buy a fragrance just because it has her name on it.  However, when I saw her picture on a poster in Superdrug recently it did catch my eye and I decided to sample her latest offering.  

I say hers.  I think we all know she had nothing to do with the fragrance formula itself.  She's an entertainer.  Not a scientist.  Someone at Coty actually created the scent.

The advertising campaign describes the scent as "playful, sophisticated, powerful, edgy and delicious," and I would it agree it is all those things.  It's a very pleasant fragrance and it's one I think would suit all ages.  I could imagine my teenage cousin wearing it but at the same time, it also passed The Isobel Test (Isobel is my notoriously picky and opinionated mother).

The bottle comes in four sizes from 15ml to 100ml and there's a body lotion and shower gel available too.  The base notes are praline, patchouli and cashmeran.  The middle notes are celosia, frangipani and jasmine sambac and the top notes are forest fruits, bergamot and plum.  Plum and praline were the only parts I could definitely identify by smell alone.  I had to look up the rest and even now I can't recognise them.  The bottle is shaped like a red jewel and it is a slightly awkward, albeit pretty shape.  

It's a soft fragrance, not at all overpowering, and lasts a while on your skin but doesn't carry through the air.  So only those who get close to you will smell it.  Also, I think it smelled better worn than it did in the bottle.

The good points: the bottle is gorgeous, I like the praline and plum combination and although it's silly, yes it does make a difference if my mother likes a perfume.  She's the kind of woman who will say, "nah, I don't like that," and then your confidence is affected.  I ask myself if everyone else is thinking the same.  When she likes something, it makes me feel more comfortable wearing it.

The bad points: I don't like the name.  It's a Queen song, not a perfume.  The ad campaign puts me off a little.  The slogan, "Own The Throne," makes me think of a toilet and we all know Ms. Perry is just a spokesperson for the suits who are making the serious money.  She doesn't actually own anything so it all seems a bit false. I do like celebrity fragrances but I don't like when celebrities are marketed as inspirational people when the real heroes in life are the less glamorous among us who are making a real difference to lots of people every day.  Perhaps I take it all a bit too seriously but it's easy to be inspiring when you're rich and pretty and pampered.  

Would I buy this after the trial period?  If I had money to burn, yes.  If I received it as a gift, I'd probably wear it a lot.  I'm not going to buy it straight away but I'll add it to my wish list.


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