Accessorize Lingerie Review

It's been too long since I've written a lingerie post so on my way home from a blogging event last weekend, which didn't really go as well as I'd hoped it would, I popped into Accessorize to see what I could find to review for the blog.  

Beauty products are thin on the ground in this store.  They do a nice range of nail polishes and their own fragrances, which smell nice but I can't review as yet because I haven't actually worn them, but what always attracts me to this particular chain is the swimwear and knickers. 

There is nothing better at this time of year, when you've been covered up in goodness knows how many layers of knitwear, than browsing the shops for something pretty to wear under all your woollens and lift your spirits and my trip to Accessorize did not disappoint.  They're currently offering three pairs of knickers for £12 and there's a good selection to choose from.  I've photographed a few examples for you to check out.  There's a range of patterned and plain, satiny, frilly or cotton, thongs, briefs and shorts.  Whatever your taste, there's bound to be something in the range for you.  

Any complaints?  Well, I've worn them now and had a chance to get a feel for the comfort of them.  This was my first experience of Accessorize and I found that their sizing is similar to La Senza - buy one size up.  If you're usually small, buy medium etc.  Also, cut off the labels before wear because they are thick and long and can irritate.  Other than that, the thongs are comfortable.  Some have a thicker back while others have that dental floss style string but both are equally comfortable.  I found the briefs were a bit low on the tummy for my liking and just barely covered me.  But then, I'm in my mid-thirties and have a mummy-tummy.  All you young things might like showing off your bellies and I say go for it while you still can!

The smaller the panties, the cheaper they tend to be.  If you're buying them individually, they can vary in price from £5 to £7 so it's best to buy in bulk and take advantage of their 3 for £12 deal.

This article is my own opinion based on my own purchase and has not been endorsed by or influenced by any communication with Accessorize.  I just liked their knickers!


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