Elie Saab Le Parfum Review

On a recent shopping trip to Glasgow I went a bit nuts in Debenhams and had a fragrance spree.  It's not something I do often and I haven't actually done it for a good few years but the time had come to replenish my collection with some fresh scents and I'm going to blog about the seven I fell in love with over the next week.

Today I am blogging about Elie Saab Le Parfum.  Despite being around for the past three years, before Saturday I had never smelled this so it was completely new to me but I absolutely love it.  I can see this becoming a regular on my dressing table now.

Here are the stats:

Base Notes: Amber and Patchouli
Middle Notes: Honey, Rose and Ylang Ylang
Top Notes: Orange blossom

You can definitely smell every scent listed.  The honey is strongest in my opinion but the orange blossom is pretty prominent too.  The bottle is absolutely gorgeous and reminds me of a beige version of Versace's Bright Crystal.  

The scent lasts for quite a while, so not a lot of the fragrance is required.  Do not douse yourself in this.  It's very sweet and very strong.

I am so glad I took the time to speak to the fragrance consultant and get a recommendation to try this.  You should never brush off the staff in department stores because they are always trained to chose a scent that suits who you are.  I feel like this one suits my personality - or at least who I want to be.  I would say it's best for a confident and mature woman who is not afraid to show her girly, sweeter side and be feminine.  It makes me feel like I could accomplish anything.  If you're a fragrance lover like me, you'll get what I mean when I talk about how a scent makes you feel.  If you're a man or a tomboy who lives in jeans and hoodies, you won't get it at all.

I would definitely recommend this fragrance.  It's classy, sensual and a keeper.


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