Escada Born In Paradise Fragrance Review

One of the great things about reviewing fragrances is that I get to try lots of different scents and only end up buying the ones that are really amazing.  Too often in the past I have made my purchase and then felt lukewarm when I left the store and gave it a decent test run.  Today I am reviewing a perfume that is actually my new favourite.  I will be buying a few bottles of this and stocking up.  What is this fragrance?  Escada's Born In Paradise.

Escada always make amazing perfumes.  They are one of the few brands I can honestly say I feel confident in and I know that when they bring out a new product I will rush to Debenhams to have a sniff.  This is no different.  It's similar to Escada's Taj Sunset.  The bottle is blue at the top, fading to white at the bottom with a silver lid and a pink flower ring decoration.  The box is gorgeous too with a redhaired cartoon girl surrounded by various fruits, flowers and tropical birds.  

How can I describe it?  It's like a pina colada on your wrist.  When I checked out what was in the scent I was surprised to find watermelon, green apple and guava.  All I can detect is pineapple and coconut milk.  There is a hint of something else fruity in there, but I'd never have been able to pinpoint it without help.  The coconut is too prominent.  The base notes are musk, cedar and sandalwood, but I got none of those.  I read a review on Fragrantica that said someone smelled pipe tobacco in there...?!  Very bizarre, but we all smell different things from the same scent.  

On the skin, it's gorgeous.  I found it to be long lasting but not overpowering and all I can say is it makes me think of beaches, hot days and palm trees.  I've never been to Polynesia but it's exactly what I imagine the islands to smell like.  If you buy one perfume this summer, it should be Born in Paradise.  And I am not being paid a penny for this review.  I truly do love this perfume.


  1. Makes me wish my sense of smell worked. Just visiting early for A to z.


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