A to Z of Lingerie: F is for Fishnets

F is for fishnets.  Oh, they are definitely my favourite thing ever.  I could write about them all day!  In fact, this may actually become my longest of the A to Z posts.  

Here is a little bit of literature and history for you.  In Aesop's fable, The Clever Peasants Daughter, a girl is told to be "not clothed, not naked" so she wraps herself in fishnet.  True.  Was it on her legs?  Well, it doesn't say but I like to think this is where the idea for fishnet stockings came from.

Fishnets have been worn since the 19th century in Europe but mostly by dancers and prostitutes.  Up until the 1960s they were only worn by loose women and pin-up girls.  Thank goodness that changed!  They became more mainstream in the 1960s and punks began to wear them in the 1970s.  

I loved the 1990s trend for wearing fishnets under torn jeans.  Part of me still wants to do that but obviously I don't.  The one thing I would never do is wear them with a short skirt.  It has to be knee-length or long to stay respectable and look more stylish than slutty.  Although, I'm sure people have their own ideas.  

What I love about fishnets is how they make me feel.  Plain tights just don't cut it.  I need to have a little pattern and if I can't wear fishnets I have to wear something a little funky - polkadots, patterned, whatever.  Just something eye-catching and decorative.  Who wants plain legs?  

In my teens I would have shrunk away from the idea that people would look at my legs but now, and since my late twenties, I have actually enjoyed standing out.  Fishnets help me do that.  And the best part of this style is that anyone can pull it off.  Alternative teens, young women, or stylish mature women.  It's a look that can be adapted, depending on how you wear them.

Also, there are other advantages to wearing fishnets that most people don't even consider.  They hide your hairy legs between waxes and if you have a feminine infection, they allow your girly parts to breathe.  And now I'll bet all the boys reading this are feeling totally disillusioned.  Think about that next time you watch a blue movie with a fishnet clad pair of legs in it!

If there's one item of hosiery that every woman should own, it's a good quality pair of fishnet tights or stockings.  Thank you for reading.  It was worth doing an entire month of A to Z posts just to write this short piece about fishnets.


  1. I am with you. The older I get, the braver I get in my clothing choices. I wish I had been more daring in my teens and twenties. Last month, I had to wear a costume and put on a bright yellow dress, purple tights, blue earrings, orange scarf, numerous bracelets, and a multi-colored witch's hat. I was meeting my husband later for a drink, My first instinct was to go right home and change back into a tamer outfit, but then I decided, "Nope, not changing." I did take the witch's hat and some of the bracelets off, but kept the rest on. It felt great. I need to be more colorful.

    1. I definitely believe that the older we get the less self-conscious we are. Maybe it's a confidence thing or just being too old to care. I don't know, but it feels great!

  2. I think the only time I've worn fishnets was for a jazz dance to Hey Big Spender! I don't know if I could pull them off now, but then again, I hate having anything on my legs at all when I'm wearing skirts or dresses. Which isn't very smart since I live in Canada and it's COLD. Maybe I should give them a try. ;)

  3. I too wore fishnets with torn jeans :) I have to say, I haven't worn them since, though. Maybe I should try it.
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  4. My husband recently bought me a lingerie set that included some stockings that are kind of like fishnets but not quite. I love how they look on me so now I'm actually considering buying a higher-quality pair (that I don't have to worry so much about ripping). It's something I never would have considered until he bought me this set, but now I think I might be brave enough to give it a try!

    I have definitely gotten less conservative with my underwear since I've gotten married. I don't wear thongs, though, because I find them incredibly uncomfortable!

    1. I think when I got married that was the turning point for me too with my lingerie choices. There's something very liberating about being a married woman! I know that might sound weird but it kind of makes sense to me.

  5. I have to admit that the only time I've worn fishnets was for various Halloween costumes, but I did love the way they looked. Maybe I'll be brave and try wearing a pair on a normal day. :-)

    Hope you’re having fun with the A to Z challenge,

    1. Thanks for dropping by! And yes, go for it! Worn the right way, fishnets can look and feel great :)


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