A to Z of Lingerie: G is for Guipure

Me in Guipure lingerie worn as outerwear.
More women should have the confidence
to do this!
Here's another one of those French words.  Do you see a theme emerging here?  Guipure is a type of lace but it's a heavy lace.  When I think of guipure I don't necessarily think of lingerie although it is indeed used in camisoles and nightwear.  

The only guipure I own is a camisole which I actually wear as outwear.  I team it with a plain white cotton camisole underneath and wear it with jeans or shorts.  I think the garment was supposed to be a sexy nighty but it's too pretty to stay hidden.  Perhaps I should do a post on wearing lingerie as outerwear?


  1. Heavy as in a table cloth? Now I want to do a Google search, LOL.

  2. That is a cute top - you're right, too nice to not wear on the outside :)
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  3. Lingerie as outerwear, now there's an idea. I don't own anything fancy enough though. :)
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