A to Z of Lingerie: H is for Halterneck

This post isn't as much about halterneck bras as it is about lingerie sins.  I'm not a fan of the halterneck bra and even less of a fan of halterneck tops but H must be covered and although I don't like them, I do own a halterneck bra.  It's pretty essential.  The way I see it, nobody has ANY excuse for showing their bra straps in public, unless you're making a statement like Gwen Stefani in the 90s with her sequined straps.  But if you're a mere mortal like myself there really is no reason to do so.  There are dozens of different styles of bra on the market and if one brand isn't to your liking, choose another.    Do not wear a halterneck top with anything other than a halterneck or strapless bra.  It's just my opinion.  

Girls, you owe it to yourself to look your best and lingerie isn't just about feeling good or turning someone on.  It's about making sure your clothes sit well and flatter you.  The right style of bra can do that.

What do you consider a lingerie sin?


  1. A lingerie sin for me was the fashion for showing your g-string out of the top of your jeans - ugh - that's as bad a builder's bum and wearing your trousers so low the crotch is around your knees.
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    1. I agree, I didn't like that style at all! I never even attempted it.


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