A to Z of LIngerie: I is for Intimissimi

The letter "I" was quite hard to write about.  I couldn't think of anything at all until I was browsing for underwear for my upcoming holiday on the Intimissimi site and then it hit me: I is for Intimissimi.

I'm not by any means pushing a particular brand or store on anyone and all the blogs I write are written by me without incentives, financial or otherwise, but this was really the only thing I could think of for the letter I.

For that reason, I'm not including a link to their site.  If they want to advertise on my blog they can pay me for the privilege but yeah, their products are really gorgeous.  Just so I'm not particularly focusing on them too much, I also love La Senza, Ann Summers and Boux Avenue.

"I" could also have been for intimates but I didn't choose that because that's pretty obvious.  Lingerie is intimate not just because it's worn so close to your skin and usually the only people who see it are you and your partner but also because it's such a personal thing.  Everyone has their own unique style and quite often the people who wear the most daring items are the people you would least expect it from.

Can you think of another topic for the letter I?


  1. The only other topic I can think of is 'inflatable bra' ;P
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