A to Z of Lingerie: K is for Knickers

We all know what knickers are.  Or do we?  Well researching underwear and lingerie for these blogs has taught me a lot and through this research I learned that "knickers" was originally a term for a short undergarment worn under a dress.  Previously women wore pantaloons under their dresses.  Just like every other item of clothing, knickers have become shorter and generally smaller over time and the name used for the garment changed too.  I don't know anyone in Scotland who refers to them as panties but thanks to American TV shows and movies we all know what someone is referring to when they say panties.

There are lots of different styles like briefs, tangas, thongs, g-strings and hipsters.  I know a few girls who wear men's style boxers but personally I don't find them at all comfortable although I do like vintage French knickers.

What slang terms do you use for women's underpants?


  1. I too watch a lot of American TV, so I have been known the use the term panties. Undies is the only other way I refer to knickers. :)
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  2. I've always loved the term knickers for underwear. It's so fun - kind of silly and old-fashioned at the same time. I don't hear it used often here in the States, but I do enjoy telling people not to get their knickers in a twist. :-)

    Hope you’re having fun with the A to Z challenge,


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