A to Z of Lingerie: L is for Lace

Where would lingerie be without lace?  When most people think of high-end quality lingerie they probably visualise an item adorned with lace.  

When I go abroad, I usually go somewhere in the Mediterranean and there is no greater thrill for me than going to the local markets and browsing the local handmade lace.  Of course, I can't afford most of it but it's so beautiful that I feel I've treated myself just by looking at it.

Just like so many things associated with undergarments, the word lace comes from the old French word "las" which originated from the Latin "lacere" which meant to entice.  Since discovering that I have not looked at lace the same way.  It's gone from being purely pretty to being seductive as well in my eyes.

Lace came into widespread use in the 16th century in northern Europe and prior to that it was used by the Catholic church as vestments in religious ceremonies.  I was thrilled when I saw the Duchess of Cambridge wearing lace on her wedding day because I knew that would bring it back into fashion, which it has.  For the last three years it feels like lace is everywhere on the high street and I love it.  I even have black lace false nails which I wear for special occasions.

And before anyone asks, despite my love of lace, I did not choose my pseudonym because of that.  But I'll keep my reasons for the name choice to myself for now.  That's a story for another blog!


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