A to Z of Lingerie: M is for Maximisers

I do love a maximiser bra.  I was an extremely late developer, and some days I still feel like I haven't developed at all.  Maximisers are an essential part of my wardrobe now and without them I would feel considerably less feminine.

So what are they?  They do exactly as they say.  They maximise the appearance of your bust.  They pinch and push in all the right places and most give light padding in order to make the most of your assets.  

Some might ask why they are needed.  Why can't girls just be happy with what they have?  Well, sometimes what you have isn't always apparent.  For example, I am a flat chested woman.  It's a fact.  It doesn't mean I don't have breasts, it means that the breast tissue I do have is spread out over a flat shape, whereas some women protrude because they are rounder or more triangular.  So although I might have the same cup size as another woman, the shape of the breasts means that she looks much larger than I do.  A maximiser can make you look the size you are, or it can add a little on to that size.  Might as well go up a cup size while we're there.  It's up to the individual.

The first time I wore a maximiser I was in my late teens and didn't really know how to wear it.  I had nobody to explain lingerie to me because my mother and sister are both t-shirt bra and multipack panties kinds of women.  The straps were hanging loose and it was flapping, so it looked terrible.  A few years later I got the right size and wore it correctly.  On the first night I wore it I was at an office Christmas party with a low cut dress on (and I mean LOW) and one of the girls said, "Where did you get those from?"  They were obviously real because you could see a lot of cleavage but everything was pushed in the right direction.  That was the first time in my life I remember feeling confident about my appearance.

Maximisers are the best thing ever invented for the top half of your body.  Fact.

What lingerie item could you not live without?


  1. Well I have always just worn regular bras because I do not have much complaint in that area, but a well fitting bra can make the difference.


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