A to Z of Lingerie: N is for Nylon

I have a love/hate relationship with nylon.  I love the products in my wardrobe made from nylon, for example, the fishnet tights (see F is for Fishnets) but the fact that it is a man-made fabric puts me off.  

I'm not a scientist so I won't bore you with the things I learned about the composition of nylon (snore), but I will instead tell you this.  Did you know that nylon is used in the manufacture of pipes, instrument strings, tyres, tents and bizarrely, sausage casings?  Also, apparently it was heavily used during World War II to save money on fabrics and used a substitute for silk and other expensive, more natural materials.

One other thing that worries me about nylon is how flammable it is.  In another life I had to wear a uniform to work and it was a navy blue shadow-striped suit made of nylon.  As it was the most awful job I've ever had in my life and a harrowing experience I am still, to this day, not over, I decided to burn the suit on a bonfire the November 5th after I left.    The thing actually MELTED.  I had high hopes of seeing it sizzle and burn and disintegrate into ash but instead I was left with a big plastic-looking mess.  

Nylon is something I will suffer, although I would much prefer silk or other natural materials.

(For those not in the UK, November 5th is a celebration of the failure of The Gunpowder Plot where we light fireworks and bonfires)


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