A to Z of Lingerie: O is for Only Hearts

I was stuck again on O so I chose another brand.  Once again I must state that they are not paying me for this blog, nor are they endorsing it in any way.  I just needed something for O and all I could think of (that wasn't so rude it would require an adults-only filter) was Only Hearts.

Only Hearts are a boutique in New York who focus on underwear and outerwear that (in my opinion) looks like underwear.  Their products are pretty but sadly I can't afford them too often.  What I like about them, and other brands I shop from, is the fact that the products are unashamedly feminine.  There's far too much fear of being girly out there.  It's cool to be a tomboy, it's cool to be stylish and classy but by the same token I think it's also cool to embrace your oestrogen!  I don't want to wear a school uniform-esque Peter Pan collar or wear baggy and shapeless tops.  I am not a slave to the latest trend.  No matter what's currently in fashion, I want a wardrobe full of pretty things and brands like Only Hearts provide such garments, even at my age.

That is all I have to say today.  Sorry if it was a bit ranty but someone has to stand up for the girly girls.


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