A to Z of Lingerie: P is for Peignoir Sets

For those who don't know what a peignoir set is, I am about to educate you.  I haven't actually bought a peignoir set in a few years but I've been eyeing up the latest ones on sale in Boux Avenue recently and saving my pennies.  

A peignoir set is a matching negligee and robe and they're usually worn together.  When I think of peignoir sets I think of vintage items worn by glamorous women.  I think of wedding nights and the kind of look I tried to carry off before I became a mother.  I have to admit that this is one item of lingerie I would love to own more of, but I just cannot be bothered.  That will change though.  Every girl should have at least one peignoir set in her wardrobe and I think I'll look in the back of mine and see if one is lurking in there.  I probably haven't worn it since my honeymoon!

What's the one item you would like to own but never get around to buying or wearing?


  1. I love peignor sets--my wild and crazy grandmother bought me my first set when I was 7. It was red with lots of satin ribbon and shirring, and the robe had puffed sleeves. I wore it with black velvet slippers that had pnk feathers surrounding kitty faces with eyes like those of stuffed animals. Every time I wore those items I thought I was a princess. My grandmother must have had more than a dozen sets herself. She was quite a character. Thank you for the reminder, and happy A-Z blogging!


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