A to Z of Lingerie: Q is for Queensize

I am going to tell you all something that I did not know before I began this A to Z Blogging Challenge.  It's really the loveliest thing.  In lingerie terms, larger women are not referred to as plus size.  They are referred to as "queensize."  Isn't that beautiful?

Now, being a petite woman myself (4ft 11, weighing around 100 pounds and being a UK size 8 and small all over) I can never claim to have been discriminated against because I am too big.  It does annoy me slightly when people trash skinny girls because everybody is different.  We are all a different shape and size.  Skinny girls, average girls and queensize girls are not any more beautiful or desirable than each other.  

When I gave birth to my little boy I was a normal healthy weight for my pregnancy.  Then after he was born, because it was a cesarean section, I couldn't move around much.  The weight I had managed to keep off during pregnancy suddenly crept up on me and I was a UK size 14.  I was miserable.  I looked at skinnier girls enviously and I am ashamed to admit this now, but I did not embrace my new curves.  I recall walking past La Senza thinking I needed to buy some new socks but was too afraid to go in because I saw through the door that everyone in there was skinnier than me.  I wasn't even buying lingerie!  I was buying socks!  If I had heard the word "queensize" back then, maybe I would have liked my new shape a little more instead of wishing the next few weeks would pass so I could start working out again.

I do hate the word "fat."  Fat is something that is in food and fats in food are not always a bad thing.  Fat is not a person.  By the same token I do not get offended by the word skinny when anyone calls me that.  I am a writer and to me, skinny is merely an adjective. And I think we should all see words for what they essentially are rather than being hurt by them.  Fat is a noun.  It should not be an adjective.  Queensize is an adjective.  Let's start using that to describe people, not just for lingerie purposes.


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