A to Z of Lingerie: R is for Raschel

Here is go again talking about different fabrics!  Raschel lace is the most common type of lace around and it is produced using a Raschel machine.  The difference between this and other laces is that most laces use a machine with three or four guide bars, whereas Raschel lace uses twelve or more.  It's man-made but usually resembles handmade lace.  Because it is made by machine and produced quickly it can be cheaper than other laces, but it's usually not as pretty.  Raschel lace is quite often used as a trimming for lingerie but can also be used as a lining for other garments.  

I promise this is the last blog I'll write about fabrics.  Cross my heart.  But be honest about this, without my A to Z posts you'd never have known all this useless junk about lingerie fabrics, right?


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