A to Z of Lingerie: T is for Tanga

I am not a fan of the tanga, but I thought thong was too obvious a choice for the letter T.  As well as being a town in Tanzania (thanks Google) a tanga is a type of brief which covers the front and back, unlike a thong, but has narrow sides.  A tanga resembles a string bikini but has wider sides.

There's not really a lot I can say about them, having limited experience with tangas, but here's a fun fact.  Men wear them too.  Also, when you look up tanga on Google Images, very few of the pictures are actually of tangas.  

I've never found them particularly comfortable.  I prefer to have either full coverage or have a thong.  The inbetween is a tanga and it doesn't feel right to me.  

What's your preferred style to wear/admire?


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