A to Z of Lingerie: V is for Vintage

I love the idea of vintage lingerie.  I mean vintage style lingerie.  Not actually old stuff that someone else has worn.  That's just icky.  It's the whole look that appeals to me, although I'm pretty sure I could not pull it off.

When I think of vintage lingerie I think of bullet bras, corsets, garters, seamed stockings and girdles.  I think of tiny waists and cone shaped breasts.  I also think of all the delicate fabrics and how beautiful they look on the hanger, not just worn on a person.

Sadly I don't own much vintage lingerie myself.  The only items I have are seamed stockings.  I love them!  There's nothing sexier and nothing makes you feel more sophisticated than a pair of good quality stockings with seams.  They're also really eye-catching and that's never a bad thing!

What vintage items do you admire?


  1. The female body's changed since those days, presumably due to differences in what exercise we do and the change in the foods we eat. As I get older I'm navigating different lingerie and it's not vintage style, I'm heading more for comfort than shapeful.


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