A to Z of Lingerie: W is Wonderbra

Who doesn't love a Wonderbra?  I know they are not the most comfortable items to wear but the effect they have is astounding.  

Wonderbra, of course, refers to the brand, and not just any old maximiser.  Although the brand has been around since the 1950s, they didn't gain prominence until the 90s, the time when I was young and impressionable.  Who could forget the Eva Herzigova ad campaign?  I seem to remember in the mid-90s the Spice Girls were always going on about them too.  I'd say the Wonderbra is the best thing ever to come out of Canada.

Do I currently own one?  No.  They're too expensive and I can get something similar from a cheaper brand and perhaps this is the biggest problem with the Wonderbra - that and the fact that their sizing is completely different to any other brand.  I wore one under my wedding dress and actually fit into a D cup, which is crazy because I am nothing like that size!

Which brands would you buy more of if you had the money?


  1. I'm past the days of a "push-um-up and display" kind of bra. I much prefer one that flatters but not say "hey! look at my puppies!". ;) Oh to be young again.
    Stopping by on the A to Z. :)

  2. Never owned a Wonderbra, not likely to either :) buy more for comfort than for style now..and would have preferred going without one if I could afford to :) Stopping here from the A--Z


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