A to Z of Lingerie: X is for Xylitol

I had a bit of trouble coming up with something for X.  Very few words begin with X and in the world of lingerie, it was almost impossible to think of anything, so I thought I'd get creative and a bit less professional.  We have to keep a sense of humour when talking about such an intimate subject, right?

Back when I was living another life as a book-keeper and freelance journalist, I wrote an article for a women's health magazine about artificial sweeteners.  Most of the article was about the horrors of these chemicals but I did write a few paragraphs about xylitol, which is a sweetener that has some health benefits.  It actually cleans your teeth, unlike sugar or other sweeteners, and it gives a cooling sensation in the mouth and on the skin.  Now in Japan there was a clothing manufacturer who actually wove xylitol into the fabric of t-shirts to keep the wearer cool during the summer months and it worked a treat.  

This got me thinking... why doesn't anyone do that with knickers?  It would be ideal!  After all, that's what pantyliners are for, right?  To keep you fresh.  Xylitol would do exactly the same thing and you could weave it into the cotton in any style of panties.  Therefore you would not have to buy a variety of different shapes of feminine hygiene products to match whatever style you were wearing that day.  

Why hasn't anyone else thought of this?  Is there a reason why xylitol can't be used in panties?  If this happens at some point in the future, I now have a record of this being MY idea.  

Xylitol panties FTW!


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