A to Z of Lingerie: Y is for Y Back G String

My posts are almost coming to an end and I'm pleased to say that I've managed to think of something for every letter of the alphabet - even if X for Xylitol was a little tenuous.  For Y I am writing about Y Back G Strings.  This of course refers to the shape of the garment.  

Despite being skimpy and looking like the most uncomfortable item in my knicker drawer, I have always found them to be very comfortable.  Y Back G Strings are exactly what they sound like - a g-string with a back shaped like a Y.  It really is that simple.  The front can be any shape but is usually skimpy.

Tomorrow is Z and probably the most ridiculous post I've ever written, although I know I have to go a long way to beat the xylitol one.  Tomorrow I'll be writing about Z Cup Breasts!


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