A to Z of Lingerie: Z is for Z Cup

I feel a bit sad that my A to Z of lingerie is coming to an end.  Today I'm covering a topic that I hope you will all find educational as well as funny.  The Z Cup.  

There really weren't a lot of options for the letter Z but since bra cup sizes are letters I knew there had to be a Z cup in existence somewhere.  So what is a Z cup exactly?  Well, sizes actually vary from country to country, just as clothing sizes do.  In the USA, where most of my readers are from, if the measurement across the fullest area of the bust is 1 inch larger than the band size, that would be an A cup.  Two inches would be a B cup and so on.  The sizes produced don't officially go past an N, which is a back-aching fourteen inches bigger than the band size but I think if a woman did have breasts that were twenty six inches bigger than her band size, she would be a Z cup.  

It's fully possible.  In fact, the woman with the largest breasts in the world (it's official, she holds the Guinness World Record) has 102ZZZ breasts.  I am currently looking down at my own and feeling quite petite in comparison.  When I was breastfeeding I went up two cup sizes and although it only lasted four days before my son and I got ill and switched for formula, it was four days of complete hell.  It was so uncomfortable and they really got in the way in the shower.  So having 102ZZZ breasts seems like my idea of a living nightmare.  How on earth does she find a bra to fit?

I hope you've enjoyed my A to Z of lingerie.  If you have any queries, please feel free to comment and I'm looking forward to writing even more posts about lingerie now that April's challenge is over.



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