Holiday Shopping Trip

I have never been a fan of fashion, but I am a fan of clothes.  I was reluctant to enter the world of fashion blogging for that reason. However I see this blog as a celebration of femininity (if that doesn't sound too conceited) and all things girly. My other blog gives me the chance to promote my books and interview mates - generally express my intellectual side - but this site helps me explore my flip side. I don't always have my head in a book. I have a passion for make-up, beauty products, lingerie, fragrances, clothes, and exploring the world around me. As a mum, I don't get a lot of opportunities to express myself in that way anymore but this blog is definitely a good outlet for my girly and adventurous side, the one I had in my early 20s and I am rediscovering as I get older. 

Today I wanted to post some pics of the new clothes I got for my upcoming trip to Cyprus. I love that island. I've been there every year (with the exception of 2011 when I did Devon instead - not much difference!) since 2008 and I'm starting to feel like the place is my second home. 

I'm loving anything peach or mint right now.  These were all under £25 and from New Look.  I bought the skirt in the teen department of New Look because...well, because I'm only 4ft 11, still thin and I can get away with it!  

What are you loving this season?
Peach crochet top from New Look

This skirt was from the teen department but I love it

The fabric on this top is really thin so it will require a camisole underneath

Love the detail on the back of this top

A great way to bare your midriff without showing too much


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