Chocolate Review: Sainsbury's Taste The Difference Peruvian Dark Chocolate With Hints Of Pear and Hazelnut

One week after receiving my chocolate bundle from Sainbury's I am now ready to write my second review.  You can't rush these things.  You have to savour the tastes and think them over if you want to write about them!

Sadly I didn't get to sample the second in the bundle, which was the Taste The Difference range's Peruvian Dark Chocolate.  This one has hints of pear and hazelnut flavours and although the allergy advice suggests that the recipe doesn't actually contain nuts, I opted not to eat this one.  

Allergies are weird things.  I can tolerate traces of nuts, unlike most people with a nut allergy, but I can't tolerate traces of egg.  Like I said, weird!  However, just the mention of hazelnut flavours put me off.  So, my husband was the guinea pig for this bar.

His opinion, after he scoffed half the bar without even coming up for air, was that it was good.  I asked him to elaborate and he said it was really good.  *sigh*  So, after much interrogation, I managed to get this out of him.

It's smooth and tastes quite fresh, although still has the bitterness you'd expect from dark chocolate.  He can't taste the pear and hazelnut flavours but it does have a certain sweetness to it that he wouldn't have expected.  When I took a sniff, I could definitely detect pear, although the hazelnut I just couldn't smell.  

Would he eat it again?  Yes, he definitely would is the verdict.  I have to admit I'm rather jealous because I really wish I could eat nuts again.  Even though this was apparently nut free (apart from the obligatory "may contain traces" message that they put on everything), I just couldn't bring myself to try it.  I'm loving life too much to risk it.

Next, I'll be trying the Ecuadorian 72% Dark Chocolate.  Can't wait!


  1. Definitely would say that this is the best-tasting of the TTD range, having tried them all.


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