A to Z of Lingerie: B is for Balconette

Today I am writing about balconette bras, which are actually my favourite.  I bought my first one when I was seventeen to try to entice the boy I had been seeing into taking off my top.  It turned out to have been a waste of money in that respect but I fell in love with the design.

So what is a balconette bra?  It's a bra that lifts the breasts and holds them up like a shelf.  In fact it's sometimes known as a shelf bra.  There's very little coverage, hence its appeal to the opposite sex.  The garment, if worn correctly and in the right size, should give the appearance of a horizontal line going across the bust.  It gives the appearance of being corseted but contrary to popular belief nothing should overflow from the bra if it is the correct fit.  However, we all know that wearing a size too small gives a more dramatic effect and as a more petite woman sometimes I go down a size to make me seem bigger.  It definitely works.

Why would anyone favour this design over others?  It's simple.  The fabric should sit low on your breasts giving very little coverage and is therefore ideal for wearing with low cut tops and dresses.  I find it's sometimes better to wear a balconette bra with removable straps (or clear straps) than a standard strapless bra because it gives a better appearance to the cleavage.

What's your favourite style of bra?  I'm curious to hear the opinions of both men and women.


  1. Huh. Much to my mother's horror--she's always commenting on how many wardrobe and appearance issues could be saved by just a good bra--I hardly think about this at all and most of my bras are ratty and just designed to make my chest as unobtrusive as possible. I'm very fond of the super squishing tight sports bras. Probably because I've always considered breasts to be a hassle. But now that I'm getting older, honestly, I think my mom's right. Especially after two children, my chest needs some help. Maybe a balconette should be my next purchase....

    1. I know what you mean about breasts being a hassle. I don't have a big chest so I've always wished them to be bigger and when I had a baby and I actually got my wish I couldn't wait to get rid of them again. They just got in the way. But yeah, balconettes are a good investment!

  2. never even heard of such a thing. sounds sexy though. I've always been on the small side, so I'm okay with them being a little bigger after having two kids and breastfeeding.

  3. Didn't know what those where called. Thanks for the info. They do tend to make me look even more well-endowed than I am.

  4. I don't think I own a balconette bra but that sounds like something I'd love. :) My favorite bras--of the ones I own--are slightly padded with a little extra padding at the bottom--a bit of a push-up but nothing extreme. I love something with a little lace! :)

    Stopping by from the A to Z--this is a FUN topic for the challenge! :)


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