A - Z of Lingerie: A is for Appliqué

Starting from today I am warming up for the A to Z Blogging Challenge next month by publishing the A to Z of Lingerie.  It has been harder than it first sounded.

Today, I'm covering A for Appliqué.  The word which is obviously French in origin means applied.  Essentially, appliqué is a decoration or ornament applied to another surface and in lingerie terms it can be anything from sequins to lace to patches of embroidery, usually with a satin stitch edge.  

Without appliqué, lingerie would be dull.  Can you imagine a world full of t-shirt bras and plain panties?  The trend for elaborate appliqué has (thankfully) been revived recently.  I love walking into a lingerie shop and seeing pretty and feminine floral shapes and bows or more imaginative and fun designs on handmade items by innovative independent designers.  

This is the perfect word to start my A to Z of lingerie because it's so essential to the femininity and personality of lingerie.  The addition of a layer of stitched lace or a pretty pattern of sequins can be eye-catching and be the difference between functional and fun.  Take a plain white bra that's meant for everyday wear.  Add some appliqué and BOOM, you're a sex kitten ready for seduction.  Almost every brand uses decorative items to jazz up their range and breathe life into what would otherwise be a plain garment.  

Can anyone guess what I'll be blogging about for B?


  1. Applique is also quite lovely on formal and wedding dresses, well, any kind of dress for that matter. Quilts made using the appliqué technique are also quite lovely.

    MJ, A to Z Challenge Co-Host
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  2. You've certainly given yourself a challenge. I look forward to popping in to read your A to Z posts.

  3. I love your theme! And your post makes me want to go out and buy some pretty lingerie. Most of mine falls more on the functional side than the fun side.


  4. I want my wife in the fancy lingerie!
    Wait, did I say that out loud...?
    Enjoy the Challenge!

  5. You just have to have fun with the Challenge. B could stand for a lot of things. Where to begin?

  6. It is going to be fun reading your blog learning from you. I have zero knowledge in the lingerie department!


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