The A to Z Blogging Challenge 2016

I'm sorry to say, I've failed the challenge for this year.  It seems I have too many irons on the fire and although I had told myself I would catch up, it's now the 6th of April and I still haven't started.  So, thank you for the support so far and to everyone who has visited.  There's always 2017!


  1. Don't give up yet! You can still catch up. I have seem people combine letters into one post, you could do that and cover 6 letters in 2 or 3 posts. I hate to see anyone give up so early. If you do decide to give up I guess you are right, there is always next year. Cassie from Mommy, RN

  2. It happens don't stress. We look forward to seeing you next year. Good luck!

    Happy A to Z ing! Yay, the weekend's here! :)
    Ninga Minion @YolandaRenee from
    Defending The Pen
    Murderous Imaginings


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