Welcome To Cherry Lip Kiss - The Reinvention

This is my first real post on this site for a long time. A while ago, around May 2017 actually, I put a message out on this site to say that it was going to be dormant because I was concentrating on Rock Paper Spirit, my lifestyle blog. Back then, Rock Paper Spirit was going to be an ethical Scottish beauty blog and all about indie products and Scottish products. It's evolved since then, in a way that would probably have horrified my 2017 self and it's just a regular lifestyle blog now. That's why I have started branching out and buying new domains and starting other blogs. I don't want to put all my eggs in one basket and blogs are, at the moment, more enjoyable than books for me, although I still write about my own books and offer writing tips on my author site.

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Cherry Lip Kiss used to be called Making It Up As I Go Along, and before that it was Knicker Blogger Glory. It launched around six years ago and used to be a beauty and lingerie blog. It also had a .eu domain name which, looking back, wasn't the smartest choice. I wanted to write about the products that interested me and, if I'm honest, I liked the glamour of writing about make-up and lingerie. My confidence was knocked when I attended a blogging conference about six months into that blogging venture and I was sitting behind two men. One turned around, clocked me and nudged his companion. He said to him, "That's the underwear blogger." His friend turned to look at me too, not in a discreet way, and said in response, "She doesn't look like an underwear blogger." That was harsh. I felt like bursting into tears but instead, I waited until the interval and left. I wasn't the only one there with a Scottish beauty blog so I thought I would make friends but I didn't. 

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At this point in my life, I really just want a platform to post reviews and talk about what interests me. I'm not interested in how I'm perceived by others. I go by the three F's rule. If you're not feeding me, financing me or f*cking me, your opinion doesn't matter. I suppose I'm also looking for a way to get the old me back. I've been working through a major lifestyle change in the last couple of years as well as depression. I'm also getting to that age where I'm thinking about menopause, which is just around the corner, and I'm hoping that exploring my passions through blogging might make me feel more like myself again. I want this to become on of the top Scottish beauty blogs and who knows, it might happen if I work hard enough!

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On Cherry Lip Kiss, I want to focus on make-up and beauty products and forget about lingerie. I want to review products I've tried, write interesting articles about cosmetics and share news about new products on the market. I'll have a section on the blog called "My Make-up Bag" with the products I'm currently using featured and another section called "My Bathroom Cupboard" which will show which general beauty products I'm loving. I'll be featuring guest collaborations, so if you have a beauty related post you'd like to write and want a platform with a high number to share it on with a high number of social networking followers, get in touch. I'd be happy to host you!


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