Beauty Cases By Beautify

It feels good to be beauty blogging again! This is the first review I've done on this site for a really long time. I was lucky enough to be gifted a beauty case for review from Beautify, but this post is not sponsored and has not been paid for. My opinions are my own. 
beautify small blush signature striped beauty case
So, first things first. This beauty case is £18.99 and is from Beautify, who do a really big range of beauty accessories. After ordering, they take around a week to arrive and are beautifully presented in a high-quality box. This would look great being unwrapped as a gift. There's nothing worse than giving someone a beautiful gift and finding out that it's packaged in a really plain and gross brown cardboard box. This is not what you'll find with this beauty case.

The beauty case is one of the smaller ones in the range. It's still quite large though, compared to other cases I've seen around. It's pink with a beautiful rose-gold trim and some stylish rose-gold and white stripes on the lid. It's really eye-catching. There's a lock on the lid and two keys inside, but I'm not really sure why anyone would want to lock it? Who's going round stealing make-up? Well, ok, nobody in my house would steal my make-up but I suppose a house with multiple teenage girls might require some privacy! 

Inside there are two shelves which separate and fold apart, in a luxurious black velvety material. The top shelf has three square box compartments on each shelf and the lower shelf is long and ideal for storing pencils, lipsticks and Touche Eclat. If I had one complaint, it would be that the shelves don't separate enough. It's hard to get your fingers right into the middle shelf. 

This beauty case would be a really good investment or a gift for the make-up loving female in your life. It's reasonably priced, elegant and on trend. However, I don't find it big enough and I don't even have a lot of make-up. I think if I was going to re-purchase, I would buy one of the bigger cases. I would give this beauty case a solid 8 out of 10.


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